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With over 50 tour destinations, we are Nigeria’s most preferred Tour company.

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Our customers are proofs of our great services, consistently making them happy always!

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Our support Team is made up of very reliable & friendly staffs, trained to offer you prompt and courteous services from your first contact with us to when services are delivered.

Unlimited Opportunities With Travel Without Visas

With our wealth of experience coupled with our  highly reputable international partners, we are bold to handle any of your immigration and foreign investment needs with Guarantee.

Ideally, citizenship to a nation can be acquired by birth within a country, descent from a citizen parent, and naturalisation.


We Will Lead You Through to Success

Direct Representatives to Authorised Government Agents

Custom Consultations

We treat every individual uniquely as we believe every individual has specific conditions and reasons for applying for a 2nd citizenship or Permanent residency.

Payments Security

All payments are either escrowed or backed with a Bank Guarantee(e.g Advance Payment Gaurantee),giving your funds an 100% security.

International offices

Apart from our Nigeria Head office,we operate branch offices in Ghana & Cote D’ivoire, in addition to our partners’ offices in United Arab Emirates, Spain, UK & Canda.

No Hidden Charges

All fees,dues,tariffs are comprehensively explained to all applicants before the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding documents.

We Specialize In Affordable International Traveling Services For Individuals and Businesses

Come and experience warmth of all kinds of Tours and the pleasure you can get from Tour travels, give Travel Without Visas a trial today!

Know more about our services

Notable frequently asked questions by our clients.

Know The Basics

Questions you may like to ask us and thinks to know about our service and what we do.

Can you really travel globally without visas?

Yes, you can

How is that possible?

Get an appropriate  2nd Citizenship (dual nationality)

What 2nd Citizenship can I get to travel to USA,Canada,UK and other European countries ( Schengen countries inclusive)

The  2nd citizenships from Malta, Belgium, Austria, UK & Germany  will give you that ability.

Is Dual Nationality allowed in Nigeria?

Yes, Sections 26 & 27 of the 1999 constitution of Nigeria, as amended approves vividly dual nationalities for Nigerians.

Is Dual Nationality very costly to possess?

No, cost being expensive is relative to different people, so we have a variety of citizenship/residency programmes with various costs to suit the majority of persons.

Does the dual citizenship programme take long to process?

No,as majority of the residency & citizenship programmes we offer takes an average of 6 months to process.