Amazing Benefits



1. FREEDOM TO MOVE: Freedom to move to any country without the delays, hassles, inconveniences of visa application.
2. FOREIGN INVESTORS: An individual with a 2nd nationality(e.g Germany) is easy to attract foreign investors to his country(e.g Nigeria) of 1st nationality as Trust & Cordiality is quickly established between citizens of’” same” country (e.g Germany)
3. FAMILY COVERAGE: You and your family(+2nd generation kids) are always covered by the 2nd Citizenship package ,giving them free access to any country of their choice without a visa.
4. QUICK SCHOOOL ADMISSION : Your kids can gain school admission from World-class institutions easily and quickly in the country of their 2nd nationality (e.g USA).
5. CHEAP SCHOOL FEES : Your kids and relatives can study in the country of second citizenship and pay same fees as other citizens of that country (e.g UK).
6. ASSURED SECURITY: You live with an assurance that you have a 2nd country you and your family can live safely whenever the security of your 1st country is compromised by War,Epidermic,Hazardous Climate etc
7. EMBASSY PROTECTION : In the event of any unforeseen disaster, you will be amply protected in the embassy of your 2nd nationality located globally.
8. BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENT : You can stresslessly set up a company or have a branch of your already established company in the country of 2nd citizenship where you are sure of a high and stable return on investment(ROI).
9. GOOD LIFE : Most countries of 2nd citizenship have optimal living conditions(e.g Stable electricity supply, Good healthcare system, excellent infrastructure etc) hence you and your family are guaranteed of good standard of living should you want to migrate to or holiday in the 2nd country of citizenship.
10. Customized Banking : You also have the benefit of engaging in various specialised and private banking investments with guaranteed dividends that are highly confidential.
11. FREE MEDICAL CARE – Travel to treat yourself and come back
12. ASSURED FUTURE – You can never predict tomorrow, dual nationality serves as insurance for you and your family.,like from weather,war etc. Due to the processing time,you can never hurriedly do that.