How it Works




You can sign a contract with us either in one of our offices in Nigeria  or in any of our partner offices in Canada, UK, Spain,UAE (Dubai) or Ghana . In order for us to prepare the contract , you only need to provide us with  copies of your passport data page and that of  your indicated family members.


We will assist in getting expressly and legalising, if necessary the following documents:

  1. International Passport
  2. Birth Certificate/Age Declaration
  3. Marriage or Singlehood Certificate
  4. Police/Character Clearance Certificate
  5. Embassy Fingerprint Certificate
  6. CV/Resume of the main applicant
  7. Bank Reference Letter
  8. Medical Certificate
  9. Professional Recommendation letters
  10. 2nd Citizenship Application forms


We will translate, where necessary, notarise and apostille the papers to be applied for a 2nd citizenship .Our lawyer will provide assistance on filling out the questionnaire. You will be able to undergo fingerprint procedures in our offices or at the closest embassy of the indicated country’s nationality as the case maybe.  We will also recommend the approved clinic for undergoing a medical examination and obtaining a medical assessment/certificate.


Submission: At this stage , we will submit all required documents  to the authorized Government Agency in the indicated country of 2nd citizenship .

Payments : The investment/donation amount, which vary from country to country will  be escrowed in any reputable bank of your choice, though some indicated countries insist that the investment/ donation amount  be escrowed in pre-approved banks in the indicated country of 2nd nationality. Such amounts are held in escrow till an approval of the application/due diligence is received, after which the amount will then be transferred to the designated bank accounts of the indicated country of 2nd nationality. The various investment/donation types are:

  1. Donation To Government Fund : These governments usually spend money collected through the funds on education, healthcare or infrastructure e.g the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) Of Dominica is used to boost education, tourism, industrialisation, and agriculture. Technically it is a Citizenship by Donation option since you will not get your contribution or any dividend back.


  1. Purchase a Government Approved Real Estate : Acquiring citizenship through investment in real estate option usually requires a much larger contribution and a hefty government application fee than that obtainable in the ‘Donation’ option. The advantages here are that you make monthly funds for house rental and you can also decide to sell the property after the specified period of retainer-ship required by the Government of the indicated country.


  1. Invest in a Pre-approved Business: This investment option ordinarily gives a Permanent Residency and is usually more expensive than investing in real estate. The investment is often in a new commercial or a newly restructured venture in target employment areas (TEA). The investment would often show that it will create direct employment for the citizens(usually 3- 10) of the indicated country. Some investments are guaranteed ( eg Canada), others are not( eg USA) .


  1. Purchasing Government Bonds ; In this investment , your funds are locked in an interest-free Government account for a period of time, usually about 5years. Most of these investments, depending on the indicated country are guaranteed ,but the only set back is that no interest or dividend is accrued after the bond period expiration. Again, these funds are used by the Government mainly for Agricultural & Industrial development. Examples of Countries that offer the Government bond option is Malta, Bulgaria, Italy, St Lucia etc




It follows two main sub stages:

Physical  Presence: Depending on the indicated country of 2nd citizenship, your presence to personally sign some doiocuments in the indicated country may or may not be required . For instance,UK  ,Canada & USA will require your physical presence while most countries in the Caribbean do not.

Due Diligence: The Government of the indicated country via her licensed agencies and other relevant international bodies will conduct due diligence checks and issue a positive decision on your case within a specified time. We always get 100% positive decisions as we carry out a pre-diligence check with our local authorities ( e.g Force Headquarters & Interpol ) .


Wait time :After the submission of the relevant documents and fees, we will have to allow some time(usually 3-6 months) to get a decision/approval from the indicated country’s authority .

Naturalization Certificate: Upon approval, you will receive a certificate of naturalization that will enable you to apply and pick up your passports either at any of our offices or in the indicated country’s embassy . On rare occasions ,depending also on your choice of 2nd citizenship, you may be required to come personally to the indicated country for physical pick up of your passport.